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Winter Jigs (00025)

Winter Jigs

Here is selection of winter jigs and Horizontals.
We do have a good selection of these in the stock.
Please place your order and colour selection by e-mail. finca@tbaytel.net

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Our Price: $9.00  ea

Item in stock!

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Winter Jigs (Pilkit)


Great lure for lake trout fishing


Tundra 95/24 BL/R/BLU/W-C

New for 2011, for salmon family fishing and pike fishing,

Ivalo Rubber Boots

Ivalo Rubber Boots with wool felt inner lining. Colour Black
Top part of the boot-leg can be  closed with string.
100% Finnish Made.
Safety reflector band.

Valio 8.5 cm

Valio Jig 8.5 cm Silver-Tompak ( Silver - Brass )

Valio Jig 11 cm

Valio Jig 11cm Silver - Tompakki ( Silver - Brass)

Mora 2000

Nice solid Outdoor knife

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