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The right sharpening and care guarantee longer life for your knife. Superior raw materials are used to make Marttiini knives. The Marttiini brand is, in itself, your guarantee of quality product. But even so, you should care for your knife properly. Here are some tips on how to lengthen the duty life of your knife and how to sharpen it best.

S h a r p e n i n g

Sharpen your knife (especially your chrome steel knife) regularly so that you don’t have to perform an exacting one-time grinding. We recommend using a Marttiini sharpening stone to sharpen your Marttiini knife. First, grind the blade well with the coarse side of the stone, using a circular motion. After this, finish up with the smooth side of the sharpening stone.

Marttiini sharpening sticks are primarily intended for filleting and kitchen knives but can be used to hone all other types of knives. Hold the sharpening stick upright and repeatedly draw both sides of the knife diagonally down the stick, sliding it towards yourself with the cutting edge pointing upwards.

It is best to sharpen an exceptionally worn blade with either a grinder or a coarse grinding stone. Take care not to give your blade a rounded edge by honing at too wide an angle. Remember to hone or grind your knife in such a way that the angle of the cutting edge remains the same as when you purchased it.

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