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Stove,Heater,BBQ combination unit (00430)

Stove,Heater,BBQ combination unit

Combination stove, heater and bbq. Ideal for hunters, fisherman, camping, back yard.
Mad of stainless steel.
Small fan improves the air flow. Solar panel with chargeable batteries. Perfect at hunting.
Comes with cooking grid, bbq grid, carry-on bag,solar panel and charger.

The Ultimate Survival Stove is here 

Propane-Free Gas & Charcoal Stove


As you know, propane is a great convenient fuel, but when you run out, your barbecue or stove becomes useless. So to solve this problem, we developed a portable unit that produces free gas and charcoal from any wood biomass such as pellets or wood fuel.  It is a dual-fuel producing and burning finely tuned device. When a precise amount of preheated air is mixed with this gas, you will have a hot smoke-free flame. This “producer gas” is not something new; it has been used a lot in the days before propane and natural gas. In fact, over 1 million cars and trucks have been built that burn this gas, and it came in handy during WWII.


We have taken this technology to the next level so you will always have fuel wherever you go, in the form of dry sticks that can be broken by hand or foot. Pellets are the favorite fuel because they are inexpensive and fairly uniform in size. To achieve the pyrolysis reaction, the fuel should be relatively dry, so pellets are perfect for this type of stove.


The Inner Burner is a “Reactor.”


So how does this stove produce this free gas and charcoal? A unique reaction occurs when wood is lit from the top and slowly burned with insufficient oxygen. As the gas passes through charcoal, a “pyrolysis” reaction occurs resulting in two new fuels that the OutbackProTM Stove-Barbecue uses, first to cook, then to cook and barbecue. A relatively clean flame burns for about 30 to 60+ minutes and a very hot bed of charcoal follows this for another 30+ minutes depending on the amount of fuel used. There is plenty of heat for both cooking and barbecuing. Water will boil faster  than with a small propane stove.


Like any other portable stove, we recommend it for outdoor use only.


The Stove produces ambient heat as well, so you can use it to warm up outdoors. How welcome this stove is in cold weather, after a hard day out hunting, fishing, boating, or just enjoying the great outdoors! You can put in any wood fuel such as pellets (which we call the primary fuel because it is convenient, uniform size, and above all, dry) or kindling size wood pieces, and warm up and make yourself coffee, tea or hot chocolate, or grill some of your favorite food. What other stove can give you all these benefits?


Because the gas flame is a little higher than a normal propane gas flame, you can enjoy the ambience of a mini fire pit as well. It gives off enough light in the dark to help illuminate the area. In fact, we have just the accessory for that purpose: a coffee table designed for those who would like to make a great combo to sit around with friends. It is not a large table, measuring only about 3 feet in diameter, but there is lots of space around the stove for plates and cups as you can see in the picture.

The stove is easy to maintain and there is little left but a few spoonfuls of fine ash when using pellets and slightly more ash when using wood pieces. In either case, the ash can be discarded after use by simply lifting the burner out of the shell when it has cooled down.


Solar Rechargeable Battery Powered Fan

Little secret inside that makes this stove so efficient is a brushless fan powered by 8 AA batteries. This allows you to extract as little or as much heat from the wood fuel as you want by adjusting the fan speed. There is a fan speed controller inside that regulates the electrical pulses going to the fan, thus avoiding the energy loss that rheostats (variable resistors) produce.

You can use any 1.8 Watt solar battery maintainer such as the one made by SolarPower, to charge the batteries. An adapter is included with the stove. We hope you enjoy your Stove-barbecue for many years.


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