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Steak Knife Goumet Set
Steak Knife Goumet Set

Six Very SharpSteak Knives with Heat treaded Birch handle. Beatiful Wooden Storage Box.

Our Price: $249.00 ea

Knifeblock with 5 knives
Knifeblock with 5 knives


Our Price: $286.00 ea

Fish Cleaner
Fish Cleaner

This Unique Fish Cleaner is a Complete Package.
Serragated Edge to Skale the Fish and the Knife Edge to Open the Fish Belly.
The Spoon to Finish the Cleaning Inside the Fish.

Our Price: $27.00 ea

Peeling Knife
Peeling Knife

7cm Stainless Steel Plate with Rubber handle. Total Length 17 cm.
Marttiini Quality.

Our Price: $29.00 ea

Vegetable Knife
Vegetable Knife

10 cm Stainless Steel Plate. Comfortable Rubber Handle.
Total length 20 cm.
Marttiini Quality.

Our Price: $26.50 ea

Tomato Knife
Tomato Knife

10 cm Stainless Steel Plate. Comfortable Rubber Handle.
Total Length 20 cm.
Marttiini Quality

Our Price: $33.00 ea

Gourmet Steak Knife
Gourmet Steak Knife

Very Sharp Steak Knives with Heat Threaded Birch Handle. Adds Luxus to Any Steak Dinner Event.

Our Price: $43.50 ea

Carving Knife
Carving Knife

15 cm stainless Steel Plate. Rubber handle.
Total lenght 27 cm.
Marttiini Quality

Our Price: $38.75 ea

Little Cook
Little Cook

15 cm Stainless Steel Plate. Comfortable Rubber handle.
Total Length 27 cm.

Our Price: $43.25 ea

Bread Knife 195/310
Bread Knife 195/310

19.5 cm Sharp Stainless Steel Plate. Cuts throught the fresh and soft bread as well solid rye bread. Marttiini Quality.

Our Price: $58.00 ea


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